Grammy Questions

Dear Poker Abby,

I was curious about a few things from last night's Grammy's and was hoping you could give me some answers.

1) Keith Urban: Sexy or scruffy?

2) Why did Kelly Clarkson bring her purse on stage when accepting her awards?

3) Was that American Idol judge Randy Jackson playing guitar during the Sly Stone tribute?

4) How did Green Day pull off that surprising win for Best Record?

1) Keith Urban in a bar: Scruffy. Keith Urban with a guitar and microphone: Sexy as hell.

2) The reason Clarkson brought her glittery purse on stage with her is because of all the rappers in the audience. Not that the rappers would steal her purse, just that if she'd let go of it for a second it would have exploded from the magnetic force of all the rappers' bling.

3) I believe it was. Although, it could have just as easily been Ruben Studdard who was apparently the only former American Idol not asked to sing at the Grammy's.

4) They are the Masters of the Universe.

~~Poker Abby~~


Blogger AMG said...

Sad comments, Randy was playing bass. As for the purse thang, girl is crazy, young and stupid. Green Day pulled it off because they sold out. Thing about it. They do not say the award goes to. They say the grammy goes to.

Blogger Szymek said...

What a blog!

Blogger Erik said...

GreenDay got all anti-Bush which is so hot and cool right now!!! Look what it did for that jackass Rapper.

I used to like them back in the day when they just wrote about stuff more on their mental level, like jerking off.


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