Favorite Poker Games

Dear Poker Abby,

Obviously no-limit Hold 'Em is the cadillac of poker and all the rage now, but what other games are your favorites??

Personally I like to mix in a little 7-card stud hi/lo...although Omaha is a good change of pace too.
My favorite game is no-limit, hi/lo Omaha, partly because it's so much fun but mostly because the majority of players have no idea what they're doing. People play it like it's Hold 'Em, which is a huge mistake for them and quite profitable for me. Then again, it's players like that who have me screaming when their stupid plays work out for them. I always have to remind myself that bad players are good for business in the long run.

Pot-limit Omaha is the most popular game in Europe right now and it's catching on in the US. I predict it will be huge over here in a few years when more people realize how exciting it is. No-limit hi/lo Omaha is pretty hard to find online, though I'm not sure why. Fixed and pot-limit games bore the hell out of me. Hopefully more Internet poker sites will realize the potential of the game and switch over some of their empty tables.

~~Poker Abby~~


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