Online Poker: Where And How Much?

Dear Poker Abby,

I'm a recreational player that would like to actually start learning to play the game better. If I can learn to play well enough to pick up extra cash in a ring game or in Vegas, that would be ideal. Unfortunately, I make very little at my day job, and don't want to risk it on the "learning" curve of online poker. What's a good amount to buy in for online, and of all the sites, which would you play on the most?
If you're not smart enough to figure out how to siphon some extra bucks from your day job, poker might not be right for you. Seriously, don't risk ANY money while you're still learning. Hone your chops at a free site and once you feel like a contender, invest real cash. How much to buy in with depends on whether your Bill Gates or the guy on Sunset who sings into a paper cup. Pick an amount you don't mind losing. Most poker sites will match, double or sometimes triple that buy-in amount, but be sure to read the fine print as far as withdrawing those bonuses.

Every online poker site is a little different but I really like Their customer service is tops, they have a good variety of tournament and ring games with fixed, pot and no limit betting, they have a decent player cash back program and they process cashins within a few hours. Be sure to tell them "Alooo" sent you. I'm gonna make money off this blog one way or another.

~~Poker Abby~~


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Like your site. Thank you.

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:) I am a winner now!

Bono is Brian Peppers!


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